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Plastic recycling, reinvented.

The Tiny Plastic Factory recycles used plastic from local businesses and supplies quality recycled plastic feedstock to manufacturers. Our purpose is to accelerate the transition of the global plastics industry towards a circular economy.

Currently global plastic recycling rates average below 10%, with the majority of all plastic produced only ever being used once. Businesses have few ways, if any, of responsibly disposing of their used plastic, and manufacturers have limited options for buying quality recycled plastic. We're here to change this.

Using small scale infrastructure and by operating locally, we ensure 100% of the plastic we process is recycled without compromise. With a fully integrated supply chain, we're able to implement a high standard of quality control within our recycling processes and the recycled plastic feedstock we produce.


We come to you.

We collect used plastic from local businesses using cargo bicycles and are currently able to service some areas of Wellington City.

We collect on request and charge per collection volume - only pay for what you use!

We're currently able to collect and recycle polyethylene (both low and high density) and polypropylene plastic: RIC numbers 2,4 and 5. This typically represents around 80% of used plastic businesses dispose of. Find the symbols for these below:








We track the quantity and quality of all plastic we collect so can offer individualised plastic usage statistics, quality control feedback and impact reports for each business we work with.

Want your plastic locally recycled? Get in touch


We supply the goods.

Manufacturing from plastic? We can help with that. Our quality recycled material is not only better for the environment, but gets to you a lot quicker too. We ship nationwide within New Zealand and can provide significant savings in freight time and cost compared to internationally importing virgin plastic.

Rough flakes or uniform granulate, we can supply your plastic feedstock in the form you need. We can currently supply polyethylene (high and low density) and polypropylene,

all in a range of colours.

Forget minimum order quantities and import annoyances - we'll ship you any quantity of plastic feedstock, all proudly recycled here in NZ.

We can help you replace or supplement your current plastic supply.

Want to manufacture more sustainably? Get in touch



The Tiny Plastic Factory

Plastic recycling, reinvented.

For business inquiries, more information or a chat over coffee,

flick us a line - we'd love to hear from you!


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Our current collection partners:

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